Angler Radio Tag Recovery Reporting

Attention Anglers!

We need your help recovering radio tags from steelhead and Chinook salmon.  We’ve tagged these fish at Lower Granite Dam to help us better understand where fish spawn and track radio tagged fish in the fisheries in the Clearwater and Snake rivers. The tags look like one of the four models pictured below.  The tags are inserted into the esophagus of the fish and only the wire antenna will be seen hanging out of the mouth of the fish.

What You Can Do to Help

Please do not remove tags from fish you catch and release.  If you have caught and kept a salmon or steelhead with a radio tag please remove the radio tag.  Remove tags by gently pulling on the antenna.  If you have at tag from any fish (released or kept), please return the tag to any employee of the Nez Perce Tribe Fisheries Department or Idaho Fish and Game you might see while fishing.  Alternatively, you can fill out the information in the online form provided below, or print this form and fill it out, turn this flyer over, fold and staple along the dotted lines shown, and place the flyer in the mail with a stamp.  You can keep the tag as a souvenir of your catch!

Information Needed from Radio Tags

Some of the information we need from the tag is on the label of the tag.  An example of a typical label is shown below with an explanation:

 Additional information about where the tag was recovered would also be much appreciated!

Online Radio Tag Recovery Report

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